It’s the open seas of entrepreneurship for us.

Entrepreneurship is too-often described as a difficult, dangerous journey that only the well-financed and experienced should take. This narrative leaves too many potential future CEO’s and business owners standing on the shoreline.
The reality is that not every entrepreneurial voyage requires the equivalent of a commercial frigate or a seasoned Navy captain. The open ocean can be explored (and enjoyed) by a self-propelled kayak, surfboard, or raft. 
So, we’re creating a new model of entrepreneurship. We are building multiple businesses that are small, lightweight, and nimble. They are self-financed, free from the sirens of venture capital that sadly leave some businesses on the rocks

Our Brands


Changing the way people feel about work

Deliberate Family

Inspiring you to live your family’s story

Product Patterns

Learn what makes product managers successful

The Vā

Find your way. Youtube channel about culture, travel, and motorcycles.

Learn Sāmoan

Speak and understand conversational Sāmoan


A monthly roundup email for managers who want to get better

Products to Check Out

Career Conversations by Groove

Career Conversations help even the most inexperienced manager facilitate meaningful conversations that lead to positive outcomes for employees, teams, and companies. Career Cards are a fun, efficient way to help someone discover what matters most to them in their career.